I am a software engineer and indie game developer from the United Kingdom with a passion for computer science, programming and gadgets. Particular favourites are C++, C# and rust, making computers perform the difficult and repetitive tasks they're meant to*.

This allows more time for (amongst other things):

  • Health and Fitness
  • Video Games
  • Music

Not always in that order!

tl;dr: geek, loves to tinker, keep fit and make a noise.

* Need more? Send an e-mail with some information and request a CV.

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Love Tester

Hot stuff!

The Love Tester game uses modern technology to rate a player's sexual appeal based on unknown algorithms and love metrics! This game is part of the One Switch 100 project, a history of one-button games and how they're linked with accessible gaming.


SR-6 Lander

Crash and burn.

Navigate your way through various levels in a timed Lunar Lander-inspired game. Avoid stuff, land safely!

I love this tileset, first used in SR-6 (by the way, my record for level 1 is 00:00:04.08!).



Like Asteroids...

But with more bullets! Shoot stuff for score, with a surprising limitation. A Bullet-Hell Jam 2023 submission.


Creature Combat

But you're... me?

A multi-verse combat arena, where you fight yourself (as AI or other players) from other dimensions in turn-based combat, using summoned creatures for aid. Destroy all wizard opponents!

Loosely based on the 8-bit Speccy classic, 'Chaos: Battle of the Wizards' by Julian Gollop.


Nokia Golfing

18 holes...

Classic gaming on the world's most popular mobile phone. Play 18 holes in as few shots as possible... A Nokia 3310 Jam 4 submission.



Rescue Astro!

A small platformer submitted to the Go Godot Game Jam 2. Can you collect enough energy for the ship to escape? If so, how fast!?

Fly Astro's ship in SR-6 Lander.



Find treasure...

Deep in Nokia dungeon lies riches beyond belief... can you find this treasure? A submission for the Nokia 3310 Jam 3.


Rotary Merchandiser

Win prizes!

A classic electronic arcade machine from the past. This game is part of the One Switch 100 project, a history of one-button games and how they're linked with accessible gaming.


Chill Balloon

Enjoy the flight!

Navigate your balloon to its destination, attempt to land on the target as best you can. Let the wind take you home!

A game concept for the One Button Game Jam 2020.

itch.io | oneswitch.org.uk

Just Zombies


A lo-fi, short (tiny!) survival horror based on the arena shooting genre. Can you survive 60 seconds in a zombie apocalypse?

Featured in the Two Minute Horror Game Jam.


Drones (3D)

Targets acquired!

Fast reflexes required in this arcade action title!

Chase down rogue drones through densely populated forest areas using motion controls, twitch reflexes and maybe even a little luck...

itch.io | App Store | Google Play | SideQuest


Escape the vat!

Fast-paced arcade platform action inspired by many 8-bit classic. High score based gameplay that will test your reflexes!

itch.io | App Store | Google Play

Super BD

An original game developed in Unity.

Super BD gives the player an opportunity to defend their planetary system from environmental challenges and attacking invaders, utilising simply controls and score-based game play.

Online (demo)

Don't Count!

Don't Count! is an iOS utility written in Swift to aid personal trainers and athletes alike.

Avoid the psychology of the final rep by allowing Don't Count! to count for you, letting you instead listen to audio cues while concentrating on form.

App Store